About Us

PT. Makro Chemindo is a chemical trading company which located in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. Established in 1999 as a distributor and importer of basic chemicals, PT. Makro Chemindo has served consumers from various industries throughout Indonesia and have been striving to create lasting relationships with our customers.

At present, PT. Makro Chemindo provides services to a variety of industries throughout Indonesia in fields related to basic chemicals, such as:

1. Micronutrients of Fertilizer
2. Micronutrients of Feed Animal
3. Water Treatment
4. Electroplating
5. Plywood Adhesive Industries
6. Textile Industries, etc 

We also produce our own micro fertilizer product, Zinc Sulphate, which is proven to support growth and increase yields of oil palm and other plants.

Our main products are Zinc Sulphate and Copper Sulphate, also known on market under the trade name Golden Wheel 20 for Zinc Sulphate fertilizer, and Golden Wheel 23 for Copper Sulphate fertilizer.

Our main products already have complete legality requirements, including: Quality test results from the Laboratory of PT. Sucofindo, Effectiveness test report for fertilizer from the Bogor Institute of Agriculture (IPB), Brand Certificate, and registration number for inorganic Fertilizer from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia (Kementerian Pertanian Republik Indonesia).
Various large companies engaged in oil palm plantations have also used our fertilizers products until now.

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